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KULON Product News NLDD-H/ LDDS-H Series DC-DC LED Power Supply

February 23, 2021

February 23, 2021 MEANWELL New Product Launch


To offer more SELV(Class III) DC input step-down LED drives for the promising market of the safety Low-voltage centralized bus, MEAN WELL KULON has developed two direct current (DC) input LED drivers, MEAN WELL KULON Product NLDD-H and LDDS-H series. These two series can be applied to lighting equipment of 48V or 24V DC applications or used with lighting products for DC bus applications.

The compact size MEAN WELL KULON Product NLDD-H and MEAN WELL KULON Product LDDS-H series are step-down design, converting 48V DC input voltage into constant current output and then directly drive LED modules. With a variety of output currents model, including 250/300/350/500/700/1050/1200/1400 mA, they are suitable for commercial track lighting or office indoor lighting luminaires.

The MEAN WELL KULON Product NLDD series provides two ways of output connected, PIN style and wire style while MEAN WELL KULON Product LDDS-H series offers wire style only. Although it is a DC low-voltage application, MEAN WELL KULON applies for CE and EAC certification, including compliance with lighting regulations EN61347/EAC TP TC 004 and EMC EN55015/EAC TP TC 020 and compliance with SELV (<60V DC) and Class III luminaire regulations.

As the global partner of MEAN WELL, KULON company introduces the latest products of MEAN WELL to customers, and provides samples for customers in need, as a test, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with high-quality services.


  • Wide DC input Voltage operation
  • Wide output forward voltage design 
  • Constant current output design
  • High efficiency up to 96%
  • Protections: Over temperature/ Short circuit
  • Compact size and Fully encapsulated
  • 3 years warranty (NLDD-H) and 5 Years warranty (LDDS-H)