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KULON Product News DRS-240/480 Series: 240W / 480W DIN Rail Type All-in-One Intelligent Security Power Supply

March 30, 2022

March 30, 2022 MEANWELL New Product Launch


MEAN WELL KULON has continuously released 10~960W DIN rail power supplies and accessories since year 2000. The product line is now quite complete and has gained significant market share. As a response to the rapid development of complex building architectures, governments of Europe, USA and China announced safety regulations for security and fire system (EN54-4/ UL2524/ GB17945). To satisfy the vast market, MEAN WELL KULON announced new DIN rail type all in one intelligent security power supply DRS-240 and DRS-480 series.

The most attractive feature of MEAN WELL KULON product DRS-240/480 is the multi-functional integration, which includes AC-DC power supply, battery charger, DC-UPS and communication monitor in a single compact package. Other outstanding features include 90~305Vac input applicable to all parts of the world, compliance with safety control regulations and alarm signals, and automatic load priority power balancing (the battery will be charged with excess power). Additionally, the product has built-in MODBus communication interface, and charging parameters can be adjusted via SBP-001. The 2-stage/3-stage charging curve and charging current setting (20%~100%) can also be adjusted manually through the front panel. The charging parameter flexibility allows the MEAN WELL KULON product DRS-240/ 480 to be suitable for variety of lead-acid and lithium batteries. All these integrations enable the MEAN WELL KULON product DRS-240/ 480 to become one of the most complete DIN rail PSU for security and fire system. MEAN WELL KULON product DRS-240/ 480 provide the best solution for fire safety system such as emergency communication equipment, fire emergency lighting, access control system, central monitoring system…etc.

As the global partner of MEAN WELL, KULON company introduces the latest products of MEAN WELL to customers, and provides samples for customers in need, as a test, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with high-quality services.

02. Feature FEATURES

  • All in one function (DC power supply, battery charging, DC-UPS and communication protocols)
  • Universal input 90~305Vac with PFC function (277Vac available)
  • Signal and alarm design meet UL2524/ EN54-4/ GB17945 requirements
  • Form C relays contacts is used to meet the safety regulation requirements
  • Auto priority function. Supply the load when the AC power grid is abnormal (The battery will be charged with the rest of the unneeded energy)
  • AC Fail, DC OK, Battery low warning, charger fail
  • Built-in MODBus protocol, Optional CANBus protocol
  • Complete protections: Output short circuit, OLP, OVP, OTP(Auto derating), Battery cut off, reverse polarity protection
  • Charging curve can be set with programmer :  SBP-001  
  • 20~100% Charging current adjustable by VR
  • 2 stage or 3 stage selectable via DIP S.W
  • -30~+70℃ wide operating temperature
  • Can be installed on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):
    DRS-240   85.5×125.2×129.2mm
    DRS-480  110×125.2x150mm
  • 3 years warranty